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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Sunday Book Review

I'm just curious, if anyone out there can actually tell me when WINTER in the midwest actually STOPS?
Really, it must stop soon.  This California girl is a bit frostbitten these days.  One good thing is I'm getting tons of reading, sewing & knitting accomplished.  Books are becoming more & more beautiful all the time I think.  Adventures in Yarn Farming by Barbara Parry is one of the most beautiful books I've seen in a long time (right next to Susan Branch's latest!).

I found Barbara's book last week while surfing through new offerings at Amazon, read a chapter that was offered and couldn't buy it fast enough.  I'm actually only letting myself read a chapter a day because I want it to last!  The photos of sheep, alpaca, mini donkeys, guardian dogs, yarn, goats, fleece, and of course the New England countryside simply warm my heart.  The story of yarn farming and how a hobby became a way of life is great too!  You can find it here.  Barbara also writes a blog that I also like very much.

While I'm sharing books, another "new to me" book is Cuddly Knits for Wee Ones (Baby Love) by Catherine Bouquerel.  Not often do I find a knitting book and know I NEED to make every pattern.  But this is one of those books.  Adorable wee knits, for wee babes.  Seriouly it's that kind of book.  You can find it here.

I've slowly been putting together a 9 patch quilt, on point, with alternating print blocks.  It's taking forever, but hopefully in a few days the top will be finished.  I'm less than excited about this quilt.  It will be one for our bed, so king size.  Probably one of the last quilts I make that size, as they just take forever.  I've gathered together fabric to start a new applique project and will be sharing that with you next time.  So, ttfn!


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