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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crumbs of French General

Today I will attempt to clean off my sewing table, cutting table, "file" away my mini bolts, and add to the stacks here in the sewing room.  It's amazing how rapidly an organized room declines once creativity is set in motion!  I've also been looking for a large piece (4 yards) of Essex Linen for about a week now.  It's here somewhere.  Probably hiding in plain site.  It's making me crazy....  I mean CRAZY, because I gave up and ordered more!  I made sure this won't happen again, because 8 yards of creamy ivory loveliness will arrive today (i hope) and surely  the piece will be large enough to stand out in this crowd.

Another little problem I have here, that really adds to my clutter, is the inability to toss a piece of fabric in the garbage!  There must be some sympathizers out there?  The only real fabric that makes it to the garbage (or out for the nest builder birds) are trimmings, very narrow ones.  There is a system to my madness.  Bins for tiny scraps, French General scraps, batik tiny, reproduction fabrics, ect... line a nearby shelf and then there is the giant box under my desk for everything else.  Occasionally the big box gets transferred to the GIANT rubbermaid trunk out in my weaving room.  I do use them.  Scrap quilts, string quilts are my favorite.  The scraps are also my hedge against inflation, and my insurance policy protecting from the horror of  actually using up all my fabric.

The little quilt above was paper pieced on 3.5" phone book paper squares.  It's about 14" square and has waited be finished for awhile.

This blog is supposed to be about my endeavors creating lovely little quilts & things for little people, but it's becoming apparent that idea is a bit narrow.  The beautiful Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt BOM over at Sentimental Stitches is a prime example of how I become distracted by quilting temptations!  I just have to make this quilt!  So, now you know the primary reason for the big push to clean & organize.  I must have room, to pull out all my fabric & start the mess all over again!

 I will leave you with a few photos of my latest "wee people" things.  I have yet to block the sweater, but will have them in my Etsy shop soon.

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