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Saturday, February 1, 2014


I tried counting sheep...

It didn't work very well. 
Do you ever just lay in bed, thoughts
and ideas swirling around in your head?
I sure do.

Insomnia used to drive me crazy.
Now I just go with it.  I'll eventually crash sometime.  Adults don't need as much sleep as they age, right?

So, I've cleaned my computer desk and drawers, cleaned my sewing desk drawers.  Organized a bunch of stuff...
Put some ideas down on paper.  Cut a hundred 8.25" blocks from a muslin print for a quilt I haven't shown you yet, and gave a great deal of thought to this quilt~~~
A simple string quilt.  Sometimes the simplest ideas can be visually striking.  They let you play with color.

I've planned to make another one, with reds, turquoise, yellow, dark blue, cream & green; Fiesta Dinnerware colors, the oldest from 1930's.  I love the way the colors of my Fiestaware look all stacked up in rows of color.
That's the look I want.
Solids vs. Batiks???
I have all the solids, so will just try them first.

Insomnia can actually be a good thing sometimes....  I got a lot done!

 I'm still not sleepy....
I have plenty of things to sew,
who needs sleep anyway?

Enjoy the weekend!


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Bianca said...

Know exactly what you mean unfortunatly, but I too get some of my best ideas when I'm lying awake at night. Just two nights ago I had to get up to write some down so I wouldn't forget. Cleaning out bookcases or fabricstash are some of my favorite things to do at night.
Did hear about a nice thing though; when you can't sleep, don't count the sheep, but talk to The Chepherd. Thought that was a nice saying.... Hang in there, sooner or later you will find sleep again. Good luck!

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