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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A New Quilt

Hello!  I'm back, feeling much better these days.   Since last writing I've been working to finish a few quilts that have been sitting in project boxes for awhile.  The quilt here is for my sister.  She gave me a box full of fat quarter packs and yardage from the Mary Rose line.  They have beautiful Rose fabric, but most of it was quite pastel.  I have added deeper shades of green & rosey pink. I'm working on the border now, which will consist of three half fans on each side and corners with 3/4 fans around the corners.  I also need to replace the center circles on the center fans.  They are in a bright pink pokadot, but I think the deep rose looks nicer on the border fans. 

 These are close ups are of the blocks used in the two outer borders.  This is my first medallion quilt, and I'm already planning a second one out of red!  It's really a fun style of quilting because each stage is different and for those of us who start new projects before finishing the older ones first, it holds attention by starting new blocks. 

I finished this quilt before starting sister's quilt.  It's on the quilting frame now.  There are also several others in line for the quilting frame. 

I haven't worked on heirloom baby things lately.  I have worked on Christmas gifts though.  When I don't feel well enough to sew, I am knitting mittens (fingerless style) for everyone.  Right now I have two pair going, one a long lacey pink pair that are more fashionable than warm, and a red pair of wool that is quite chunky for grandsons.  They are very quick items to knit.  There is a little stack of finished mittens here in the studio.

This last photo is my new baby Chloe.  She moves so fast this has been the only photo that isn't blurry, even when camera's on sports speed!  She is so cute--- all white except for one orange ear, one black ear & her tail is half black, half orange.  She has her pink tongue out in this pic.  She is terribly sweet & the older kitties love her.  Especially Moochie who is gray & white.  They love each other up constantly and look related when laying together.  He's a good ol' boy!

I hope you all are having a great sewing summer in the a/c!!  I certainly am.

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