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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The birds have come back to Indiana.  I take a break from sewing everyday or so, to walk by the river and visit the birds.  I just love the "honkers" despite most peoples distane.  I know they make a mess some places, but they are so beautiful.  I also think about all the down feathers I could make pillows of, but just once in awhile-- haha!

They are busy making nests and looking for food.  The Mallard ducks are so fun to watch.  The female here was quaking (nagging) the colorful male duck something fierce.  I think he was too far away from her, as he quickly took his place right next to her, and the two waddled into the brush.
 Okay, back to quilting!  Which is hard to do given the weather is so beautiful and warm today.

I didn't know there were groups of quilters online!  But a few days ago I discovered Kathleen Tracy's group on Yahoo, "small quilt talk".  I'd also discovered her blog Sentimental Quilter, which I love.  Then, after reading her back posts, I realized one of her books was sitting on my shelves!
Well....  I've been in small quilt heaven ever since.  Which technically is a good thing, but I have a so many big quilts to finish.  But I have taken some time to make the groups challenge quilt for May.  It is so much fun making a small quilt that can actually be finished in a hour!
Small quilt for May's challenge, made from scraps purchased by the baggie full at my LQS!

So...  I've been reading the group's site, going through back files, and re-reading Kathleen's book, Prairie Children & Their Quilts, and have at least a dozen small quilt ideas in my head, not counting making the patterns in the book!  But, just to make my situation a bit worse, last night I was shopping, and found this: (101 Fabulous Small Quilts)  Oh my...  small quilt love!  Then I found Kathleen also has quilts in this book!  

Don't you just love discovering something new?
While looking for fabric to plan these quilts, I found most of my civil war era fat quarters (which I've collected forever) will work perfectly for these small quilts.  The scale is just right!

The nice people at Martingale have given me permission to post a few of my favorite quilts in the book. 

 So much fun!  It's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!  (I once told you it doesn't take much to make me happy!)

I will leave you today with a progress photo of the purple quilt that I have to make myself work on.  It will end up being two baby quilts I think, maybe three!  But for now, I make purple blocks.

Back to sewing....  ttfn!

Slowly adding squares to my current project!  Purple only a purple lover can love!

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