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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend work...

 Hello!  Can you believe it's almost mid-May?  Time is flying by here, as is the case when there is much to do.  I did an inventory yesterday, and there are currently15 tops that need quilting, lurking around in various stacks.  There are seven more that need borders attached!  It's good to actually know where I'm at in this process.  

 This quilt is called "Red Bird's Garden".  I had fun with the stripe setting.  Honestly the stripe border is over kill, but I like it.  It reminds me of older quilts I've seen that have huge borders and smaller pieced centers.  I've appliqued a red bird in the center, and am thinking of adding a few more.  This is just a fun, quirky quilt, and I've enjoyed it.  I'm going to quilt half flowers in the red triangles and in the four patch blocks.  A vine pattern may be nice in the rose stripes.


I've mentioned my huge clothes drying rack, I purchased up in Amish country.  It's a wonderful thing to own!  Right now it is holding all the quilt tops that are finished, ironed and ready to quilt.  It works for now, but I'm looking for very large hangers and a portable hanging rack.  Then I can cover them to keep dust free.

Enjoy your weekend!

I will spend tomorrow loading the frame & getting ready to quilt! 

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