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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Whole Lot of Sewing Going On Here!

 This little quilt is the only thing I've actually finished lately!  But I am still writing the pattern for it, and beginning to make it in another colorway, so... not really finished yet.  The quilt is made totally from my scrap box, hardly making a dent, but nice to use scraps.

I'm also removing the "square in a square" block in the middle, leaving them in the four outer corners only.  I think they make the whole thing a bit too busy.  Or... perhaps leave them in and changes only the "geese," and that may be the final change.  I'm just excited to get the pattern written.

I forgot!  This tiny quilt was finished Friday, complete with my one error!  I really didn't notice it until the quilting was almost done.  So...  I'm human, and it's staying this way to remind me of that.

Invasion of Sunbonnet Sue!  I found these blocks while going through my bins.

A few years ago I found all 26 of these girls at a small antique mall here in Indiana.  I paid $20 for them!  I'm not really sure what to do with them through.  They need a bath before I start sewing with them.  I love all the prints used, and also the makers button hole stitch, on long stitch, followed by a short one.  I've never seen the pattern used before.
My newest quilt

I cut strips all afternoon yesterday

While going through my bins yesterday, I came upon a bundle of purple prints.  Most of them were scraps from dresses I made my daughter when she was little.  She loved purple!  After assessing the scraps, it seemed a 2.5" strip would be the best use of the pieces.  There were also some minty green pieces with lavender accents, so that became a secondary color.  I love the results!   Above you can see the first two blocks of the new project.  I'm planning on making two of these crib size quilts:  one to sell, and one to add to my "grandma's chest" where I keep special items I sew.
Saturday I hung this top back up to contemplate my next step.  The quilt says "one more round please, with blocks that are dark and lite."   I'm thinking "end it now!"   The next step has to be either a dark frame strip, then some type of blocks/strips or something on each end, then another two border strips.  Regardless of the choice, it will be more work.
I hope the weather at your home is as beautiful as we're having here in Indiana.  Spring finally has come.

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