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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catching Up

 Hello!  I have some catching up to do here!  My trusty laptop decided to die last week, which totally ruined my web routine!  I still have my desktop computer to work from, but it's not at all convenient.

So.... on to quilting.  The totally crazy mess of a quilt you see here is finished, ready for the quilting frame.  It's hard to see, but there are wacky cut Ohio Star blocks in the four corners, and I like those.  All of the fabric, except the cheddar color, came from my scrap box.  Can you believe it still looks the same?  It's over flowing still.  How is it possible to make a very large quilt, and not be able to see a difference?  Perhaps it's like the baskets of fish & bread in the New Testament, so I'd better not complain too loudly!

This little quilt is waiting for the postman to deliver border fabric.  It's a baby/crib quilt, made from French General's Petite Odile line.  It took 10 fat quarters, cut into 3" strips to make it via the "loop" method.  It was a fun afternoon of sewing, and I loved working with the fabrics.  There were enough loops left over to piece together a smaller piece of fabric, that will either be a smaller baby quilt or part of the backing for this one.  I love it when leftover pieces can be used to make something else.

The pink & brown quilt (6" squares) has been neglected lately.  This one square is all the progress that's been made.  I have picked patterns and fabric for three more blocks, so hopefully I can work on those later today.  I love how all the blocks look.

 In my last post I promised to post photos of my knitting & crochet projects that I've worked on when not sewing or quilting.  The below photos are all baby/children sized from premi to around a size 2/3.  The first two are cotton yarn, and the rest are all wool or a wool blend.  Some still need buttons and blocking. The items below are modeled by my ever loyal big baby doll, Sissy!  (she is really big)

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