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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Putting this one away!!!

TGIF!  Here is my latest top, and a  thing of beauty it's NOT~  and at this point I've wasted quite a bit of time on it!   I like the checked border, but the busy print is coming off!  I could cut it up, and make quilt blocks from it and some more white.  But at this point I think the whole thing needs to age awhile on the quilt rack.

I haven't shown you my racks yet.  I have two, a very large laundry drying rack that hold my finished quilt tops, all ironed and ready to be quilted.  The other is a typical quilt rack, and it holds unfinished tops, mostly problems yet to be resolved.  The racks help me keep track of what I've finished and what still needs more work.

I didn't sew at all today, but spent the day cooking and knitting.  Overall, quite a productive day.  In my next post I'll show you what I've been knitting.  Recently I've been working on a few knitting techniques that I never quite mastered and am quite please with the outcome.  So, ttfn! 

Enjoy the weekend!

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