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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Snow Day

My sister's quilt. Isn't the border fabric nice & rosey!
 This quilt was finished back in January for my sister's birthday.  Yeah.... I know it's really late, but I will send it tomorrow.  I actually tried to mail it today, but the 20 year old mail girl said whatever was inside had changed the shape of the box, and I'd have to put it into a larger box to ship.  I have shipped many lap size quilts and always use a medium Priority mail long box.  It wasn't bulging, it closed properly, but it did it have a bit of trapped air under the plastic bag the quilt was in, but it didn't bulge!  I told her, "it's things like this that are causing the USP to fail."  Mad couldn't begin to describe my mood.  Okay...  rant on USP over.  (sorry)

Back to the quilt!  It's made from Moda's Papillion line from last year or so.  I probably would have pulled the red fabric out, but I only had charm packs to work with, so I just sewed them up.  The backing is a cream butterfly print from the line.  I hope she likes it.

Progress on my yet to be named Pink/Brown quilt.  The applique block nearly made me crazy, but my long forgotten skills have returned.  By the last little berry the agony had subsided!  I'm thinking of removing the white block and just stick with cream, tan or light pinks for backgrounds.  I have plenty of options, and the white seems a bit cold/stark.

~~Abby, my sweetest girl kitty~~
Pippa in her basket with sleepy eyes.    Sweet kitty.

Lately I've had problems with kitties on my desk.  They all wanted to be where the action is happening!  This was making me crazy.  So, I thought the problem solved by giving the little kitten a basket & quilt to sleep in.  She was the main problem, and liked it, but Abby did too.  So, one basket became two.  The desk isn't large enough for three baskets.  What a dilemma!

Abby made it clear to Pippa that she was still the reigning Queen, and Pippa was only a Princess.  Thus, she could choose any basket that suited her fancy, and she likes butterflies!

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Bianca said...

Yep, kitties will do that! LOL Abby is the first picture?? She is gorgeous and has pretty green eyes, just like my two oldest boys. Pippa is getting big!! I have the same problem here, with four of those furry friends.... I put carton boxes all over the floor, around my work area and after some hissing around, they all found one they liked. Only Bram will still sit on the table, so he can look out the window in to the back garden.
The quilt is lovely!!! Is it for Heather?? I bet she will be over the moon with it! Love the faided colours and the rose border is adorable. Wish my sisters quilted too....

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