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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few more of my favorite things!

Quite often I write about my favorite things, and usually it has to do with quilting.  Today is no exception!  This week I discovered a new quilt shop not far from Indianapolis, The Fussy Cut Quilt Shop , in Beech Grove, IN.  I was delighted to find it, as I'm often nearby.  It's a nice, friendly shop, that has a wide selection of fabrics.

I was delighted to find an out of print Moda fabric.  Rural Jardin is an older line of French General and is getting hard to find, so I'm loving my nice big piece.  How long do you think it'll take for me to cut into it? 
I'm anxious to take a more thorough look at their Batik fabrics on my next visit.

So.... a new quilt shop, a long searched for discovery...  what else does a quilter need?
Honestly not very much, but life has been good...
and I've been busy!

This brown & pink fabric has been a collection in the making, for over a year.  I've been planning to use this fabric for a Dear Jane quilt.  But the longer I thought about those little 4.5" blocks, the longer I put off starting it.

This green bin has sat right on my main desk for well over a year, always on my mind.  I've looked through the Dear Jane book, and the Nearly Insane books until I thought I'd go insane thinking about this quilt!  Well yesterday, I just dumped all the fabric out, touched it, folded it, loved it....  I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to cut into it.
I quickly decided to make six inch blocks.  Not small enough to make me insane, but small enough to be cute  & dainty.  I'm not sure if I'll set it with lattice, but it will be on point, so will need to orient the applique that way.  I'm excited!  Only a few blocks will get done a week, as I'm adding this to my busy schedule, but at least it will be started.
My first two blocks
This is an old tea towel that I found ages ago at a thrift shop, but have been unable to find until I recently rearranged my studio.  Well, the reason it was needed is that inspiration struck!  Victoria Findlay over at 15 Minutes of Play (one of her 2 very cool blogs) had a tea towel challenge.  She & some other quilty ladies have made small quilts out of their tea towels.  I'm planning on using French General fabric, mostly the darker reds & cream/tan.  So.... (yes I really say that a lot) now a design..... hmmmm.  I will be working on this too.

And last but not least!  I will have a booth at an Etsy event in September!  So exciting!  A girlfriend asked me to join her and share a booth at the event in Nashville, Indiana this Fall.

Nashville is in the heart of Brown County, the "hill country" of Indiana.  In the Fall the best color can be found driving through Brown County.  Nashville is an artist community, with a yearly studio tour, and  art shows.  It's one of my favorite places in Indiana to spend the weekend.

For the show/sale I will need some sort of tag to put on my quilts, telling people how to care for them.  It's not finished, but almost.

Someday, I will have to begin showing you some of my favorite things that are not quilt related...  yes, I do have a few... well maybe just a couple!
Back to work for me, come again soon.

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