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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rearrangment finally finished--back to work!

My studio rearrangement is finally complete!  It's  not perfect, to say the least, but the work areas are much improved.  I am very anxious to get back to sewing this next week.

Today I mostly puttered around, putting small items where they belonged, and planning what to begin stitching on this next week.

I will show you photos of this room, in a counter clock-wise direction.  As you can see, I've not spent a great sum of money on furniture or storage for that matter, but have always found the right piece I need for the job.  This big conference table used to be in my husbands offices, but found a home here when we moved.  It is great for cutting out fabric.

My wall of wire cubes is as neat as possible right now.  I really have too much fabric right now, so hopefully this area will improve as I continue to work.  I love that these bins & baskets fit perfectly in the cubes.  I try to label each bin, to make finding things easier.

This folding table fits well here and doubles as a cutting space when needed.

This is my main sewing area, it's U shape is very comfortable to sew, iron or cut -- or all three, as I'm sure most of you also do.  Those little green bins are great for storing notions.  Each box is labeled to make finding bobbins, needles, etc.... quick & easy.  The green open bins are sitting on a drop leaf table on wheels, which can move anywhere, and open up to a 70" table -- great for when sewing friends visit.
A view from this angle.

This is a secondary sewing area, right next to the large cutting table.  I can piece blocks here, when the large machine is set up for quilting.  The dark area on the right is part of a large opening into our main living area.

View at end of cutting table

So, this room is complete!  One place I haven't shown you is UNDER the big cutting table -- it's full bins of UFO's, and hopefully it will look emptier soon.

Empty looms make great quilt racks!

Painting area beyond view -- and is not yet finished.

Okay, on to the weaving room!  This is the corner that used to house my Singer 301 and the cutting table.  I will show you this room in a clockwise direction.

Directly across from smaller loom
I want to take down all the art on this bulletin board, and do something else, but I'm not sure what yet.  Perhaps a gallery of doll quilts.  My painting area is beyond--out of view.  It's still a mess, and I'm not sure how to         arrange things there.

This room is about 14 x 26', and quite difficult to place things in.  As you can see, everything is lined up on the walls.  It is not in our main living area, but leads out to my husbands workshops.

Across from wall of yarn.  My design wall had to stay where it is.

You can see my larger storage area for batting, bolts of fabric, etc...   At the very end, out of view, is another wall of wire cubes, that hold bins of wool and felted wool that I use for sewing projects.

I have two commercial sewing machines that are unused at this time.  I have used them in the past for drapery, upholstery, & sewing in general, but right now I'm not doing anything with them.  I should sell one of them.  The area with my king size Grace frame is right out the doorway, next to the design wall.

And this concludes the end of our tour!

I hope you've not been too bored with all this, but it's a great way to show my friends and family what's been going on here.

My next post will be filled with progress on my string quilt series. 
Pippa enjoying her new wool "cat mat" -- made from both sides of a felted wool sweater.  This is the most desirable spot in the house right now,  at one point all three of them were trying to lay on it together!   I plan on making one for everyone.

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