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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A load of Scraps & a finished top

 It's simply amazing how many scraps I manage to push into one of these bins!  The seven blocks I made this morning hasn't put a dent into it.  The blocks are 10" square, and I'm only planning to use scraps from this bin.  I may slice the blocks in half when finished and sew on another triangle, but I haven't decided yet.

This bin consists of mostly red, black, brown and beige/tan colors, with some dark blue bits.  There are a few pieces of a peridot green that  will contrast nicely and add a bit of sparkle -- I think???

It will be interesting to see how many blocks can be made from just this bin of scraps.  Someday I will show you my HUGE trunk full of the last 30 years worth of scraps.  If my husband knew I had moved that thing from Seattle to Indianapolis he would think I'm nuts!  Maybe I am?

The first seven blocks vary widely, and hopefully will look better when I have more made and can gain some balance.  I'm thinking a black/tan print, perhaps dark tan print, or a dark red/tan print would look cool as a triangle piece if I slashed the blocks into triangles, across the stripe.  ???

Lots of ??? this morning.

A finished baby quilt.  I tried a pieced block boarder, but it added chaos.  The pieced stripes add color and no chaos.
Happy quilting!

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