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Friday, February 8, 2013

Found treasure

 While rearranging/cleaning my studio space this last week, I uncovered a few long forgotten treasures.  And considering the fact these items would only be considered "treasures" by my fellow quilters, I've decided to share one of my favorite items with you today.

I'm fairly certain the magazine came from my grandma, but I'm not sure where she obtained it, as she was 15 when it was published.  The date on the magazine is 1935.  While thumbing through the pages, it struck me that despite changes in technology, so much in the world today is unchanged.  There are still wars, and rumors of more war.  Financial problems all over the world persist.  Families struggle to make ends meet.  Many quilters still sew binding on by hand and love red & white quilts!

I've been meaning to frame it to hang in the studio for years, so will get that done now.  I'll also post a few of my favorite pages that might be of interest.

These patterns are all mail order!  Imagine making one of these dresses!

Mail order Zinnia seeds -- iconic company.

Ad for baking powder.  A $1 a day for food?  I wonder how much that is in today's dollar?
Smoking was still popular!  And so was wearing fur!

My rearranging is nearly complete, and I just need to hang things on the wall.  There is a small (fairly large really) pile of things I hate to get rid of, but don't really have room for.  I hate to put them out in storage, so may make a trip to Goodwill.  I do love my "new" spaces, and will be back soon with an update.  I plan to enjoy an afternoon of quiet, and just sew!

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