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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cold winter day = sewing time

My kind of quilt!

Good morning!

It's 23 degrees here in Indiana, no sun, just gray.  Indiana has it's own shade of gray, when I lived in Washington, the Puget Sound had it's own shade of gray too.  So...  I've been trying to add some color to my brain this morning, by looking through my quilt photo files.  I take photos of quilts I see, save photos from online auctions, etc...  to use as inspiration on days such as this, when a little bit of amazing quilt color lifts my imagination.

Perhaps you need a little bit of quilt perfection this morning too? I will show you my favorite star quilts.

Lone Star quilts always lift my spirits.  When they are executed well, they can be amazing.

Another beautiful star quilt. 

Star of Bethleham -Folk Art Museum

More Stars -- Folk Art Museum
Can you imagine piecing all those little diamonds?

My mind is now full of wonderful quilt possibilities, so I'm headed into the studio to attack my pile of strings!
The bin is about half empty, I have many blocks pieced, and am still playing with the idea of
cutting the blocks diagonally across the stripes, and add a triangle.
It would add more design possibilities!  

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