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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My #1 Quilting Tip~~~~

Good Afternoon!  Can you guess my #1 tip?  It's Netflix!  Crazy I know, but I'm 100% serious.  Even the most boring task can be done while watching your favorite movie.  My current favorite thing to have on while sewing is Masterpiece Theater Classic.  I'm now in the middle of "Middlemarch".  The scenery, old stone houses, castles, the period clothing, they all speak to me... haha.  I also recommend listening to your favorite music on Pandora.  This nifty tablet my husband gave me for Christmas is perfect for beside the machine. 

So, speaking of boring tasks....  this idea of piecing sharp triangles for a border????  was that my great idea?  Well, I'm half finished, and quite tired of it.

I still think it will look striking, and have it down to a quick seam, a quick cut with the rotary, then a press, so it goes quickly.  I'm just tired of it.

This morning I amused myself with putting together some leftover squares.  It might look nice with some appliqued borders, flowers, leaves, a vine?

It's a good size for a table topper or even wall quilt if the border works out.

I should have taken a pic of my quilting frame.  There are 7 or 8 quilt tops hanging over the rails, waiting for me.  No, more like nagging me...  hahaha

All in good time I suppose. 

In the mean time, these little hst's, left over from cutting geese blocks, caught my attention.  I'm thinking they will make a nice medallion center! ttfn

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