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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where did the week go?

It's hard to believe tomorrow is already Friday!  Last Thursday I left for a four day quilting retreat at Quaker Haven Camp in Syracuse, Indiana.  It is held every six months, and is becoming a regular event for me.

It's so good to see friends, and make new ones, but most of all we have fun.  Our ages range for the most part from around 45 to 85, and one might wonder how we can have so much fun.  But first remember,  these are ladies who get really excited over a trip to a fabric shop, so anything related to quilting is going to be fun.  Generally we share our projects and patterns, show off completed quilts, look at each others fabrics and most of all sew.  Some of the younger quilters, and some not quite as young, sew late into the night attempting to finish projects before returning home. This year we had some Amish families who where camping in tents, escape a big rainstorm by coming inside and visit with the quilters.  I was fortunate enough to ask a question about one ladies brown wool hat, and found that the maker was standing right in front of me.  She went on the explain how she cuts the pattern, blocks the wool, and finishes each bonnet.  It was so interesting.

During the retreat I finished putting the first boarder row on my medallion quilt, then proceeded to draw a creative blank about the second row.  Yesterday, after trying out several other patterns, I settled on the sharp triangles.  For the corner turn, I've drawn an interesting continuation of the sharp triangles, and can't wait to see them all set together.  I'm already perplexed over what next!  I'm considering an applique outer border, but not certain.                                                                     
                           I've probably shown photos of these "spool frames" before, I can't remember.  Can you guess I LOVE spools of thread?  I must admit, I do.  Mostly I love the old spools that come out of grandmother's sewing baskets, that are wooden, and have silk thread wrapped around them.  Those are highly sought out by other lovers of spools as well as myself.  Sometimes they are so expensive it defies reason.  So, maybe you can understand why I became so excited over today's mail delivery...
.  These are new, old stock boxes of wonderfully shiney thread!  I do love it, and it was very inexpensive, so that makes it better. 

I only have one problem..... running out of thread shelving!  I guess they will have to bunch up and share.  I love to use the old print maker's drawers with little sections, but they usually hold only the smaller spools.  The old handmade tool/silverware holders are another option, also just as hard to find.

Above you can see what I've been working on this evening.  It's a very simple square patch of beautiful fabric.  Sometimes, it's nice to just let the fabric, not the design be the focus.  Moda's Papillion is the fabric used, and patchwork will be surrounded by ten inch borders of their boarder rose vine print.  I think mitered corners are a must, so the print flows nicely around the patchwork squares.   
 Please forgive the GIANT photos....  blogger isn't cooperating tonight!  Happy sewing ladies!

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