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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm stuck!

Do you ever just get stuck?  I've developed a mental block that started yesterday, while working with more traditional fabrics.  So I put that project aside to marinate, age a bit more, and pulled out this pineapple project that has been aging for about a year now!

The blocks are 14", and I love them, but the quilt has been whispering "I'm supposed to be a medallion quilt," and I've been turning my ear.  But last night I decided to embrace the medallion idea, and put a black border around all that spinning color.  Now, what?  I have some 4-patch blocks made from the scraps of the center, that is a good start. 
Then I remembered one of my favorite authors, amazing quilter, Gwen Marston!  (She has been one of my quilting hero's since her days writing for Ladies Circle Quilting Magazine) I pulled out her newest book, and felt as though the Calvary was coming to the rescue.  This book has been thumbed through, but never studied, so that is my task for the rest of the afternoon.  I know my design inspiration lies within these pages.  There are photos of her quilts, and those of her students.  All are great!

 I've been playing with the idea of adding these twisted pineapple blocks to the outer border, or corners in a set of four blocks, so the very cool twisted star will come out.  Also, the center would look cool set on point...

Stay tuned, hopefully this will all come together pleasantly.

Time to pack now, we planned a weekend of kissing the grandbabies, fishing (hubby), and antique hunting (me), up in Michigan this weekend. Happy Fall weekend everyone!

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