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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer's over.... Fall is here

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Doesn't this photo just scream summertime?  This is the front of a wonderful antique shop in Noblesville, IN.  While my niece visited this summer, I learned she is truly a child after my own heart.  She loves to go antiquing!  So of course, I took the opportunity to teach her how to do it right!  It was fun to see which items she was drawn to, and what she ended up buying.  I know there will be more antique shopping in our future.
 Now all I need to do is teach her to quilt!

 Summer does seem to be over here in Indiana.  Our nights have been in the low 50s, and the air has a crispness that wasn't there three weeks ago.
I suppose it's time to get back to work here, and make quilts!

I haven't totally been on vacation, there has been some block piecing, and quilt planning.  These fabrics came in the mail yesterday for some of those planned quilts.  I hope to have a few new quilts in my Etsy shop soon.
Fabrics for a planned log cabin quilt.

French General Petite Odile fat quarters

 This is a large shawl that was my summer knitting project.  It was a bit to warm to work on it outside, but just right when inside with the A/C on.

The yarn is one I wouldn't normally use.  I prefer knitting with natural fibers, but this yarn jumped off the shelf, into my hands.  It's by Red Heart, called Treasure, and comes in several colorways.  It is 52% wool, and felt so soft it sold it's self.  I have mixed two colorways while knitting this shawl.  It's a very simple pattern of garter, stockinette and rows of "yarn over, Knit two together".  I didn't follow any set pattern, just knitted as I wanted to.  I did add a nice picot style edge, by using the lace row, knitting a few more inches, then folding at the lace row, knitting one more knit row and picking up a stitch on the back for each stitch knit.  The folded picot edge gave the shawl a very nice ending, and looks nice when wrapped over the shoulder.                                         

Inside of hem
My monitor is picking up green as yellow.  But still love the colors in this shawl!

Now I want to knit!  I try to save knitting for quiet times in the evenings, or when I sneak a movie in.  I still have several hours of sewing machine time to get in today.  Make sure you stop to enjoy the change of weather, Fall is here! 

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