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Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's so HOT!

Here in Indiana it is just plain HOT! Not just hot, but humid, sticky, and just plain icky.  It hasn't rained in months, all the grass is brown, some of the trees actually have leaves turning already.  I'm really missing the cool summers of the pacific northwest right now.  I moved from the Seattle area to Indiana nearly six years ago, and still don't like the weather here.  I've tried, and am still trying... but it's not working!

I'm hibernating in reverse these days!  Hiding inside from the heat.  And honestly having a very nice time.  All I really need to make it perfect is my daughter, my sister, and a few nieces for company!  I was spoiled by my sister & niece visiting for two weeks.  So, now I lack female company, except for kitty companionship, but my living room is a nice 70 degrees, comfy and full of lovely knitty, quilty & hooky (crochet) projects.  

If you knit,  checking out a copy of Jane Austen Knits is a must.  I'm almost tempted to find another copy, because I will be knitting every project in this magazine for the next twenty years or so, I'm sure.  The patterns are all just perfect.  My first project is a knitted coat for a wee little girl.  It's finished in my basket, waiting to be blocked and sewn together.  The articles are also interesting, a bit of historical Austen background. If you're interested in a copy, Interweave has a web shop.

Don't you just love the internet!!  All one really needs now, is a computer and the UPS/mail man.  Really!  I'm not kidding.  I just placed an order for kitty liter, a 27 pound bag of kitty kibble, washing soap, Dove, shampoo, and many other necessities at  (all with shipping free).  Now I don't even have to go there! 

My current quilting activity is hand piecing a small doll size quilt top.  It's going together so well, and the hand piecing is actually pleasant.  It's been a few years since I've made a flower garden quilt with the small hexagons, so thought I'd be out of practice.  But no, it's enjoyable.  I'll post a photo once it's finished.  There are also about six large quilts waiting for their binding, and a stack of fabric to make summer night gowns.  So you see I'm not lacking for projects here! 

Enough about my summer hibernation, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one?  Let me know either way....   are there quilters who actually love the heat?  It can't be....  ?

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