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Monday, July 16, 2012

What to do while your sew, quit, knit, crochet, or....

How many of you have watched this Masterpiece Classic?  OMG!! I can't get enough of these type of British movies.  I have spent countless hours in my knitting chair, with my injured leg elevated, watching the likes of Mary & Sybil live their lives in the era of a rapidly changing world.  I love it.

It's not just the stories I love, it's the costumes, the HATS, the accents, the fabulous houses, cars, meals, and even the lowly servants!  I love the sheep in pastures, the shepherds with flocks, the green countrysides, quaint cottages with flowers in the window boxes.  

How about Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford?  My search of libraries in my area, Netflix, etc... were unsuccessful, so today I ordered the complete collection.  Can't wait for it to arrive!  I'm beginning to think that buying these movies is the way to go, as watching them several times has proven they stand the multiple viewing tests!  More details are noticed with watching a second time and honestly the story just gets better and better!

The viewing list I've accumulated so far is listed below:

* Bleak House
Return to Cranford
* North and South
* Sense and Sensibility

* Miss Marple
* Cathrine Cookson's Anthologies
* Wurthing Heights Masterpiece Classic
* Forsyte Saga

A passage to India
The jewel in the crown
The far pavillions
Tipping the velvet
Vanity Fair (Natasha Little)
* Victoria & Albert
Nicholas & Alexandra
* Tristan & Isolde
The moonstone
Three wishes for Cinderella
The last September
The Pallisers
Poldark 2
Captains & the kings
Les Miserables (Richard Jordan)
* Howard's End
* Northanger Abbey (Felicity Jones)
Dresden (2006)
* Wives & daughters
* The Buccaneers
The Aristocrats
* Anna Karenina (2001)
* Daniel Deronda (2002)
He knew he was right (2004)
Little Dorrit (2008)
A dance to the music of time
Horseman on the roof
The last September
The painted veil
* Persuasion
Woman in white
Under the greenwood tree (Christmas story)
A very long engagement
* Mill on the Floss
* Middlemarch
Lorna Doone
* Moll Flanders
* Angel

 This is by no means a complete list, just a list of movies recommended to me by various sources.  I've watched the ones with a * already.  

Unfortunately, I must continue to sit for awhile, so not much quilting has been going on.  I have had quite a few knitting projects finished, and started a ripple afgan, done in amazing wool, so all is not lost.  I'm also getting a few quilts designed on paper, to get a jump on piecing when I can.  So if you're tired from all the summer activities, have some hand quilting to do or just need a break, close the curtains, turn the A/C down a bit, and endulge in a bit of time travel with one of these wonderful stories!   


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