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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Another weekend is drawing to a close!  It's always been sad to me when Monday rolls around and another week of work, school, & obligations begin again.  Even now, when I spend most of my time sewing, or planning something to sew, I am still sad to see Sunday end.

This weekend was spent applying borders.  The quilt to the left here is about 50"x44", just about too big for a crib, but after it's quilted it will be listed as such.  The colors will be nice for a boy I think.

The fabric is from Moda's Collection for a Cause - Friendship.  I used two charm packs and about 1/2 yard for the red border, the small inside border was cut from a French General print in my stash -- it blended in nicely.

The quilting will be a simple "orange peel" design around each piece, probably about 1"deep at the widest point.

This is another quilt that received it's border today.  It is a pattern from Thimbleberries that sews up really fast if you stick with it.  I however, took the aged approach, and waited until just the right amount of time to finish -- about 18 months-- a fine amount of time for a fine quilt!  Seriously, I made the stars, then set it aside, then the geese, and again set it aside.  Then, one day a few months ago, the green fabric for the blocks jumped out of my stash and said "use me!!"  Then I was perplexed over the border fabric, and originally thought it would be one of the red star fabrics, but again I was stumped and set it aside.  Then today of all days, this other green fabric practically flew into my hands and said, "me!!"  And, I think it was right.  So you see, for a finely aged quilt, one must sometimes wait, until all things come together.

The pattern can be found for free on the Thimbleberries web site. 
This is my latest effort.  A log cabin made around cute French General blocks.  I'm really not sure if my vision will come out well. The beige fabric is the center, and the left side is the first section of the next round.  The dark brown/black fabrics will meet on the next round, with the turkey red on the outside once it's all together.  Then I will add one more round of blocks using beige & turkey red.  Then, the border will be a black band, then piano key 2" wide strips sewn to a border that will criscross on the outer corners.  The one element I'm not certain about is the outer corners...  it could be more beige blocks, or small pieced courthouse step blocks.... or, I could miter the "piano key" border,  but right now, I'm not certain I like how this is coming out.  But, I'm committed at this point, so I'll keep sewing.

I wish there were some great news to share, or even some excitement.  I'm a bit sad to report the one think I'm anxious about is to read about Susan Branch's trip to Beatrix Potter's home!!  If you aren't familiar with Susan's work, or would love to read about her working trip to England, click on the link to find her.  I've enjoyed every post since the beginning, but have loved the photos she's posted of England most of all.  I highly recommend her blog for your next tea break!  ~~ttfn~~

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