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Friday, June 1, 2012

Luna Notte Quilt... top finished

It's only been a year and a half in progress, you'd think it was something really complicated.  No, not really, just pretty fabric.  This quilt was made from 2 jelly rolls, a red fat quarter, 7 2.5" black strips and 3 yards of border fabric.  I learned that even though the fabric coordinates, it always doesn't look great all together!  While the variety in a jelly roll is great, using all the colorways in one quilt can just be too much.  The side blocks are Nine patch blocks, initially planned for a lap quilt.  I reached the point of saturation, didn't want to make more square blocks, so fortunately they were all the same size, and it worked perfectly. 
Honestly, I'm just glad it's finished. 

My goal this summer is to complete all the partially finished quilts stacked up!  I have 3 that just need borders, one 1.5" flower garden that needs 2 more rows hand pieced for the border (this quilt is 24 years in progress!!!), one king size crazy quilt that I'm quilting-as-I get time, and I'm sure there's more if I just go look!

Anyway, I love the idea of starting September with a clean slate.  I have several ideas popping in & out of my brain, but I've been drawing them in my quilt journal, and that seems to prevent more new starts for now.
This quilt is a Thimbleberries pattern, free on their web site.  It is waiting for me to choose a red fabric for the border.  This is the third time I've made pattern. It makes a quick & easy gift. 

The block on the right is from a old top I recently purchased from an online auction.  I've never seen this particular pattern before.  Has anyone else?  The blocks are quite large--about 16".  It is 3 blocks by 3 blocks for a total of nine.  I really love it, except for the color of all the ladies lips!  They are all a deep red color and quite large!  I don't know if really red lipstick was the fashion when these blocks were made, or exactly what the reason was for making large red mouths.  The embroidery is quite nice, but the blocks were joined with a large running stitch. 
The Hoop Skirted Ladies
I really want to pick out the red, and just make a silhouette type profile.  I'm afraid the red has stained the fabric, so I'll just try it one block at a time.  I'm also going to separate the blocks and add lattice of some sort to give the ladies some room!  Can you believe I don't have any 30's reproduction prints?  I cut them all into 2.5" strips last year, and most have been put into several tops.  I'm open to any and all suggestions for the hoop skirted ladies --  I think that is a good name for them!  ttfn

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