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Friday, March 9, 2012

A workroom day...

More squares!  I've been trying to finish up this quilt.  I have had 1.5" strips, and 2.5" strips from my precut boxes out all week, making the last few blocks.  Over the years, I've cut my scraps into squares, strips and other pieces that can be pulled out and easily cut into useable pieces.  For this photo, I used old fashioned clothes pins to hang the quilt above to photograph.

I've promised photos of my fabric storage areas.  Today these photos are from my main (most frequently used) area.  I have bins in the lower squares, marked with the contents.  In the middle areas there are fabrics folded and sorted by color, recycled fabric (cut from clothing or other items) that have been washed, cut apart, and wrapped around sheets of plastic (some cardboard used in a pinch, being replaced).  Then on the top shelf are my cubbies for yarn.  This is only one of my yarn storage places!
On the very top I keep bins with lids that hold all my knitting needles, works in progress, and other things..... that I can't remember right now!!
Wool yarn in bags, cut fabric, recycled fabric
Lots of stuff

More stuff -- in the lower left side, my recycled wool is felted, and ready to be used.

A close up of  a small section of recycled, felted, over-dyed wool

Have a good weekend!  I plan to sew most of Saturday & Sunday.  I should make good progress on everything that's spread out over my work table!  ttfn   

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