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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring has FINALLY come!!

What a beautiful day we've had here in Indiana!  We haven't had so much sun since last summer.  The kitties & I have enjoyed sitting outside and getting some sun.

Otherwise, I'm still sewing red & white blocks!  I'm determined not to get behind.  The new installment will be out 3/15 on the Dear Jane website. I still have a big feathered star  & a geese block to finish.  I should make it before the 15th.

I also started hemming a huge stack of new napkins and kitchen towels.  As you can see, I didn't get too far.  It's amazing how much time it takes to iron the fold & the hem, then clip the corners, pin them down, then sew!  This will have to be a "slow but steady" project, as there is still a big stack to be done.  We always use cloth napkins for meals, and it will be nice to have new ones.

Does any quilter not LOVE the vintage towelings out there??  I'm hooked on them right now, and have started to embroider 2 sets of the "days of the week" designs.  Someday, when I get to be a good weaver, I'm looking forward to weaving some cool toweling!

One last look at my experiment with "Cattails & Clover" by Moda.  I love this line, and will most likely use it for a large quilt.  Today I finished up the machine quilting on it.  I'm going to use it on my coffee table (a cut down, old fashioned dining table with pull-out leaves--oak).  I'm happy with how it turned out, and it does lay flat without ripples!

Well, I should go start dinner....  (cooking is not my favorite thing to do!)  Feel free to leave me a comment, and tell me what you're sewing!  ttfn

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