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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where have I been??

Where haven't I been?  That question is more appropriate.  Winter in Indiana & Michigan is much like that shown in this photo of the Bean Blossom Covered Bridge.  Not much snow on the roads, but in the fields and woods there is a bit.  It's been cold enough for ice on the roads though.

I've had two sets of out of town company since I last sat down to post.  Of course company is wonderful, and I love to see friends and family.  The quiet of our empty home is nice too.
Speedy, named for his incredible speedy run.
Our two outside kitties have free access to my husband's huge shop with a wood stove and nice cozy beds, but these two are true "kings of the back yard". They love to hunt for mice, chase little rabbits (which they never catch), and otherwise do all the cat things we never know of.  I do like watching them from the windows.  We have a prairie dog who lives under an out building, and the cats like to stalk her, slowly creeping closer, until she catches their scent, then sounds the alarm and races back to her burrow!  It's truly quite exciting!
Miss Rosey, she is so sweet

 I have sewn/pieced a bit while having company, but today I'm back at full force.  A quilt must be prepared for the machine quilter today.  I don't think I've posted pics of this one, so will wait until it's finished.  I've been pushing hard this morning to get my red & white blocks finished before the new patterns come out!
Happy quilting!!  or knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning....  etc!  we love it all...

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