By Holly Field Design

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Red & White Day

It's one a.m. here, I've been sewing on my red & white blocks for a few hours.  There are 3.5 more to finish before the new installment comes out February 1.  I'd wanted them to be finished before stopping tonight.  But, I'm throwing in the towel and going to bed.   
I'm still planning to make brown & pink blocks too.  I've collected these reproduction fabrics for a year, and have only made one small doll quilt for my sister with them. I'm just dying to get into them!  But...  really want to complete a few more UFO's laying all over my weaving looms before starting another project...  or the part 2 of this project, you know what I mean!
I hope no one gets tired of my red & white, because I'm still excited about it.  And am really happy the ladies at Sentimental Stitches & Dear Jane have put this all together.  Thank you both. 

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