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Friday, February 17, 2012


I LOVE my machine quilter!   Today, I took a drive out to pick up a finished quilt.  She lives about 20 miles north of me.  Usually, it's a very enjoyable drive through farm land.  However, for some reason, on the last few trips I take the wrong road and get lost!  Not lost for real, just enough lost to turn on the GPS and figure out where I am.  The road today took me to Hartford City, IN.  When I turned onto their Main Street, I saw the most magnificent court house in the center square.  The building was completed in 1894. Serendipity in action. Each county has one of these stately old buildings.  Each time I see a new court house, I'm always in awe of the design, the stone, and the sheer size of them.

The quilt to the right was picked up today.  As usual, she did a great job!  I left her with my last machine pieced quilt top.  I have a few more that are hand pieced, and still can't decide if they should be hand quilted.  I'm strongly leaning towards machine quilting, as I'm afraid they will never be quilted!
The quilting pattern, (seen better on the back) really pops off the brown backing fabric.

This is a scrap quilt.  The unifying element is the black fabric used for the center square and the outer boarder.   It is a Thimbleberries paint box 2004 print I believe, and is out of print.  I've used this fabric in many projects, but am down to a few feet of a 10" strip.  I've looked everywhere online for it, without luck!  Have you ever had a favorite print that you search for everywhere?? Afraid of using the last few yards??  I've quite a few favorites, and will only use all of a piece if I've found more online.  Bad! Bad! I know! 
Someday, I'll have to show you my fabric stash.  Actually, I have my "daily use" stash wall, then the "long term use" room.  I don't think anyone needs to see the room. haha....

The weatherman is predicting a nice sunny weekend here.  I'm excited... some sunshine will do me some good.  I hope it's sunny where ever you are!

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