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Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 - a new start

2012....time is going by so quickly these days.  Does anyone know how to slow it down?  We probably need Einstein to return and work on that problem!  I've really felt the need to make time count, and use it productively.  We'll see how it goes!  Below you can see the main reason for my concern.  How do our children grow up so fast?  This precious baby is our second grandchild. 
This precious bundle is what we received this Christmas!
I've spent the last week reorganizing my quilting priorities.  It's been quite helpful to address each unfinished project, and rethink where I'm going with each project.  There has been plenty of sewing and finishing projects too.  I've also sent quilts to a friend to be quilted.  I've come to the conclusion that I can't do it all.  So, hopefully I can keep my journal (blog) up to date, concentrate on my book, working on new designs, and sewing.  By focusing on what I enjoy the most, hopefully more will get done!

I've also moved one of my sewing machines into my weaving room, mainly to keep warm this winter.  I've enjoyed working in this cozy part of our loft.  The looms were moved into the opposite corner.  There is a wood stove across in the living room, and great lighting.  It sure helps having a comfortable work space.  There is a big cutting table in the lower right corner which is on wheels, so moves between both sewing areas.
This little quilt was made for a gift.  It was slow to take shape, and I finally came up with the "sharp geese" for the top and bottom borders.

Time to get back to the sewing machine...

Hopefully, more to follow!


Kathie said...

cute baby! congrats
oh love your bow ties and adding the flying gesse was a great touch makes the outer border tie in nicely
oh it would be a hard one for me to part with, nice of you to use it as a gift

Holly Field Designs said...

Thank you! I played with the bow ties for so long, debating how big it should be, etc... You've inspired me to make small quilts and to start a gallery wall of them. I also made a small primitive log cabin in brown & pink reproduction fabrics, also for a gift, and forgot to get a pic! My gallery wall isn't growing very fast at this rate! :)

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