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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two down...way too many to go!

I picked up quilts today from my very wonderful quilter today.  I just love how they turned out!  This Trip Around The World quilt has been waiting about four years to be finished.... way too long!

The other quilt she finished for me is a 9 patch, that I intended to hand quilt, thus the large beige areas.  Please note, intended is the key word in that sentence.  It hasn't happened in the last five years, so.... machine quilted it is now.  And, I love the fact it's done.

The large alternating blocks would have been prettier with a feathered wreath, but the nice overall pattern used (seen on the red boarder blocks) is very nice too.  AND it's FINISHED.  I think that will be my motto for 2012.
Please forgive the crummy pics, it's pouring down rain here, so a nice outdoors picture is out of the question.  And, it's too dark in my room with the larger bed.  But this works well enough to give you a good idea of what they look like.

I will hand quilt again, someday.  But, in the near future I see many more trips to my quilting friend.I will hand quilt again, someday.  But, in the near future I see many more trips to my quilting friend.
If you look closely at the border of this quilt (to left) you can see a 2" inner border in black and a deep rose/brown outer border.  This border was for another quilt I was working on.  This quilt's border is still on my cutting table.  I sewed the WRONG border on this quilt! I honestly didn't notice until just before dropping it off to be quilted.  What can I say?  It's not too bad, but the other border was PERFECT for this quilt.  Oh well.... at least I don't have to try putting in a humility block, they just appear magically in ALL my quilts!

I'm real close to finishing the sewing on a king size scrap quilt that is paper-pieced.  I had planned on machine quilting it in 120" panels, and probably will.  It's real tempting though, to change my mind and have it quilted.

I also have new Moda fabric that I'm dying to cut into.  I'm thinking that's probably what will win my attention today.  It's the perfect day to make soup and sew.  So, time to get busy!

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Kathie said...

beautiful quilts and they are done!!!! love the nine patch of course :)

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