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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finishing day

I LOVE finishing days.  When one makes a quilt this size "finishing day" may NEVER come.  I've been working on this quilt for 13 months off and on.  But the last two weeks I made myself quilt at least two panels a day.  And, I'm proud to say it was completely sewn on my Singer 301 (her name is Latte, due to her creamy color!).

I totally recommend the Singer 301, and love mine.  I bought Latte on Ebay from a guy who lived in my town, and "Espresso" (the black one) from Goodwill!!  That day at Goodwill remains my best find day.  But that is another story.

The quilt was made in the "quilt-as-you-go" manner.  Each block was 20" and I sewed 4 blocks together to make 40" big blocks.  Then 3 of the 40" blocks were joined together to make rows after the block was quilted.  Joining is accomplished by sewing all but one backing fabric together in the seam, then turning the remaining fabric in like a hem, pinning, and sewing.  I quilted in a grid and left the outer row free of quilting to aid in the block joining.  I plan to make more king size quilts in this manner.  I make many quilts for family gifts, and I know they get used, and washed, and then used some more~!  So, the machine quilting makes sense. 

The bird fabric used in the center of each block was a gift, and I did like it, and will probably like it again, but right now...  I'm tired of it.  My husband loves it.  I'm just lucky I used something completely different for the back:

Batik!  I only have one piece of Batik left.  I used it up!  Each 40" piece of the quilt was backed in 10.5" inch strips of Batik.  Then I tried to place them in a rail fence pattern, but ended up just placing them randomly.  I like this side best.  I suppose whoever makes the bed gets to choose which side for the day.

I'm very glad this one is finished, it was quite heavy after I started joining rows..  I'm currently working on blocks that are 3" finished and another that has 4.5" blocks.  So, the change is nice. 

The weather here has finally changed, and we have rain!!!  I know all the farmers are glad.  Happy Fall!


Sew Unique Creations said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the birdie fabrics!!! Thank you for visiting my blog also!

Kathie said...

Beautiful log cabin quilt, one of my favorite patterns!
thanks for coming and visiting my blog !

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