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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Think small....

GRRRRRR!!!  I can't be the only one
having trouble with blogger software!
Pictures aren't staying where they are put, and font styles just change when they want to!

Forgive my rant...  I've been cutting up small pieces of fabric, into smaller pieces of fabric then sewing them back together again.  You know, that almost fits into a psychiatric diagnosis...  just saying...  there's a bit of crazy in this art form... just a bit!

Anyway, I love how the blocks are turning out.  They measure 6.25".  I'm not sure, but I'm thinking a doll size quilt (really for my wall of small quilts) will be this projects fate.  I love the cheddar fabric.  I find it amazing how well it plays with all the other fabrics.
I've also got an Ohio star project going using the same cheddar solid as a background.  

So, I'm thinking this will be almost ready to put together tomorrow... or later tonight if sleep doesn't come.
I have another dozen or so blocks cut out, so will finish those before making more big blocks.

I'm thinking an applique boarder would be nice, something simple.  Maybe....

Enjoy your Sunday.

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