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Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is one of my summer projects.  The panel shown is 1 of 9 that when joined will make a 120" square quilt.  Each panel is 41" square.  I am machine quilting each panel first, then will join the big panels into rows.  Eventually, I  hope to have a quilt that will completely cover my tall king size bed. 

I'm not real excited about the birds.  They are cute, but I've seen them one time too many!  Everyone who sees the birds likes them, so hopefully I will like them more when the quilt is finished.

I've made one other quilt this way.  It was over 20 years ago, and I think the centers were pieced stars, and it had lattice strips and 6 1/2" blocks to set between the blocks.  I do enjoy making "quilts  as you go".  There is no wrangling huge pieces of fabric, and basting is much easier.  Correct math and seam allowances are very important when making the blocks.  There will only be 2 long seams to join the strips of blocks.  To have a finished quilt of this size, I will gladly wrangle the long seams.  I plan on machine quilting the entire quilt, even the back joining seams.  I've planned to make this a reversible quilt.  I am backing each 41" panel with giant rail fence blocks made out of batik.  I think I'll like the back more than the front.
Each back panel will have 4 long strips of batik.  I will alternate the direction of the stripes to make the rail fence pattern.

I already have ideas to more king size quilts in this manner.  I'm trying to satisfy my creative urges by drawing the blocks, and writing my new ideas in my quilt journal.  There are way too many unfinished projects stacked on my shelves to start anything new for awhile!!

Back to work for me--I'd like to finish the first row tonight. 

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