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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandma Fannie

This is Fannie Price Herman.  She was my mother's great-grandmother.

I've been investigating her life, but really haven't come up with anything new except that she was born in Texas.  I do know that she was a pioneer, and helped to settle the Arizona Territory in the 1920's.  She and her family lived in big white tents on land they homesteaded and grew cotton.  

Recently I've thought about her and her life a great deal.  My mother had a quilt top (below) in her cedar chest for years, that Fannie had made.  Several years ago, I talked Mom into letting me quilt it.  I was a bit hesitant initially because honestly, I thought it was UGLY!  But I did bring it home, and it's taken me quite awhile to begin working on it.

Once I began hand quilting, it only took about 5 days to finish.  While quilting, I had time to think about Fannie, her life, living in Arizona in a tent, and how hard her life must have been.  Many of the fabrics are feedsacks.  However, I'm pretty sure the yellow and red solids were scraps from making church dresses.  They feel like a linen blend and are quite dense not fun to handquilt through. 

Now that it's completed I don't think it's all that ugly.  It's much more graphic than the usual pastel flower garden quilts that are numerous.  I don't believe there are many things that belonged to Fannie left, but I'm very glad we have this small piece from her life.  I don't regret finishing her quilt.  I feel quite honored to have had the chance.  
Fannie Herman,

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