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Friday, June 3, 2011

Simply Amish

Hello!  I haven't made it back here since the trip to Shipshewana, Indiana on Monday.  Well... I still love going there, but do not suggest going on a holiday when the rest of the world is there.  The fabric and quilts were amazing.  In two weeks Shipshewana hosts a quilt festival and I'm very tempted to go back.  However, I would stay out of town at a camp grounds and just go for the day, and take a bicycle.  The crowds of cars were horrible.  And, the flea market wasn't an antiques and garage sale type (what I thought it would be), it consisted of people selling mostly cheap junk from China.  Such a disappointment!  I did complete what I set out to do though.  Color...  lots of new color.  I'm really itching to start cutting into this batch of Kona.  I have a plan in mind, but need to draw this one out before I tell all.

One thing I did love though, was watching the Amish ladies and girls.  I do love their dresses.  When compared to the women walking around with shorts (too tight, too short, and too low... and too small) and a little top on, the Amish are purely lovely.  Even on a hot, sunny day the ladies stayed cool in cotton dresses and sandals.  Also their  hair was neatly up off their neck.  They looked so lady-like.  I think we can all take lessons from the Amish.  I for one intend to.           

But, for tonight this is my goal.  I picked up the latest edition, and can't wait to relax and enjoy the reading.

 This pattern is on my list for tomorrow.  I know a little guy who might like new shorts.  I will enjoy pulling out some cute fabric and actually finish something in an hour.

Enjoy your weekend.

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