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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I've been doing....

Hello, from the once again freezing midwest!  Yes, the weatherman is predicting snow for Sunday.  Insane!  It's nearly April!  I pulled my sweaters back out today.  I suppose staying inside and sewing isn't too bad of an option.  I've been working on the blocks above.  I'm not sure I like them, so I've chosen to stop here.  It should be large enough for a baby quilt once the boarders are on.  If you have trouble making mitered corners, this is the practice block for you.  There is no speed piecing here.  I made each block one at a time and it's been steady work since last evening to get to this point.  The mailman did brighten my day by dropping this into my mail box:
These are a few half yard cuts I picked up in a great shop, Mimis, over on Etsy.  They are from Amy Butler's Love line.  I love the fabric Mimis carries and how they sell 1/2 yard cuts in groups that look great together.  I will most likely add these to the quilt I'm planning with the Soul Blossom fabric.  I just need to decide on a pattern.  so.... ttfn, back to the sewing machine.

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