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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing machines

This is my favorite sewing machine.  It is a Singer 301, made in 1950.  I actually own 2 of these wonderful machines, the other is black.  I keep one set up for regular piecing, and the other set up for free motion quilting.  Straight stitching with this machine can't be beat by anything newer and quilting with either a walking foot or free motion is a dream.  But the best part by far is the speed -- it's fast!  It can keep up with my brain.  All that is required is a bit of oil every so often.  I've never had one bit of trouble with either machine.  I am a bit unsure how many sewing machines I actually own, but I know there is a Bernina, a Janome, more vintage Singers, a Pfaff and two industrial TacSew machines.  The Singer 301 is the best without question for quilting.

This machine is a Singer 221, better known as the "Featherweight".  I do love this machine, mainly because it's just so cute.  It weighs about 9 pounds and is great to travel with.  It goes with me when we load up the motorhome.  It does everything the 301 does except has a shorter work space.  But isn't it cute!  It usually lives right where it is on my shelf below the vintage wooden spools of thread.
This machine was a Christmas gift from my sister!  Amazing huh?  I have a great sister, I know.  I think she just took pity on me and my old machines!  (not really)  She does beautiful heirloom sewing and needed a new machine, so I gladly accepted this hand-me-down.  It is amazing and does things I never imagined a machine could do.  I'm planning to make some wool crazy quilts and use the fancy stitches.  I'll have to take a few classes to understand the embroidery unit though, it seems a bit hard

Anyway, you can probably tell by now that I love sewing machines.  I do.  I'm still looking for the perfect old treadle machine though.  You never know when the power might go off. 

I'm still sewing...  not quilting yet, but making quilt tops and pillows. 

Close up of quilt I gave my sister for Christmas

I will not recommend this pattern to anyone!  It nearly made me crazy, but she liked it.


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