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Friday, February 25, 2011

Finished.... finally!!!

Last fall I started this quilt and finally finished putting it together today.  It is a string scrap quilt pieced on a foundation and in the "quilt as you go" manner.  I basically started with a box of batik strips left over from other quilts, 10 inch squares of muslin  and 9 1/2 inch squares of cotton batting.  I started by layering a square of muslin, a square of batting, and a batik strip diagonally -- face up.  Then, I sewed another batik strip face down onto the first strip, thus securing the first strip on one side.  Next, after pressing open the first seam, I repeated with another strip on the opposite side of the first strip..  I continued sewing strips, and pressing open flat until I reached the opposite corners.  Then each block was trimmed to square up the sides to 10".

While piecing each block, I attempted to have colors in surrounding blocks meet to create the squares of color seen in the quilt.  I could have sewn front seams together, then hand closed each back seam by hand, but I just sewed all layers together,  pressed seams open, and used a backing that covered the entire quilt.  I then "stitched in the ditch" with my walking foot to secure all three layers.  This is not a fancy quilt, just an easy way to make something colorful, use up scraps, and cover an electrical panel in my studio.  I will probably make a few quilts this size and rotate them throughout the year.  I'm just happy to have the electrical panel covered!  I'm not sure....  but I'd bet that a man designed this building, because I don't know any woman who would put a panel in the middle of a room!

I'm looking forward to a productive sewing weekend.  Have a good one.   

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Wendy in AZ said...

Love the quilt! It's nice to see it finished and not just in pieces.

I had a great day in class today. Gail Doane is our SAGA guest teacher and we are having a fabulous time! Wish you were here taking the class with me.

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