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Monday, February 21, 2011

Best intentions....

I do have them you know.  I fully believed this blog would become a daily or at least frequent happening, and it still might!  But,  I have been sewing quilts.  Completing, well....  not so much. That may come with time.  Currently there are nearly 5 layers on my design wall all completed quilt tops, and at least seven more laying over a quilt rack.  There seems to be a log jam in the process here.

 This is one quilt that I've been hand stitching on for a long time.  Just a bit of quilting here and there.  It was made by my great grandmother.  So, hopefully one day it will be finished.

I've been investigating quilting systems.  They all seem to require  a great deal of space and money.  So far, I haven't decided on which way to go.  Any ideas?

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