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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quilts! No, not quite finished quilts.

Blogland -- it's a whole new world!  Beginning this blog has been quite an adventure in learning.  I usually only use a computer to buy fabric, read other people's blogs and send email. So, here it goes!  My name is Holly Field.  I am a quilt maker.  I have done other things for the last 30 years, but quilting has always been the one  constant.  Now, I quilt everyday.  I am hoping this blog will be a motivator for me.  I need motivation to complete quilts!  Usually there are several (many, many severals to be truthful) quilts in various stages of completion tucked into baskets, shelves, and really everywhere in my studio.  So, hopefully I will be posting  photos of finished quilts very soon. 

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