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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Completed Flower Power Top

 Finished at last!  I love how this turned out!  But if I ever make this pattern again, the border needs to be reworked.  It would be quicker to strip piece as much of it as possible.  This pattern was designed by Cindy Carter, and can be found online here.  Thanks Cindy, great pattern!  I loved using leftover pieces of "Soul Blossoms" jelly rolls.  The solid fabrics are all Kona cotton.

The flower blocks are very easy to piece and come together quickly. The large size, about 16 inches, are great for making a quick baby quilt.
I'm defiantly making more of these blocks.  But, probably not use this border again -- at least not for awhile
When I'm not piecing quilts, knitting fills my need to be doing something productive.  Whenever I leave the house I take my big L.L. Bean canvas tote, with several knitting projects inside.  It's great to fill otherwise wasted minutes -- waiting at the doctor's office, at the DMV, in line at the bank, etc...

In the past few days I've been knitting baby/children's hats.
I love this pattern!  
As you can see here I've made several in the last day or so, and now have the time spent knitting one down to a little over a hour!

 My model is about the size of a year old baby --
at least I think so!

These hats will be going to the Etsy show later this year, in Brown County Indiana.

I will be taking mostly quilts to the show,  but thought I could add knitted baby items as well.

This patterns is quite fun to knit.  I love watching the flower shape emerge from the needles! 

It really doesn't take much to keep me amused --
just a ball of yarn and needles
and I'm happy for a long time!

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