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Friday, February 1, 2013

One month late

  Hello!  I suppose it's a bit late for Happy New Year, but my intentions were good.... I did think about blogging.  I've been ill for quite a while and things are starting to get back to normal.  I managed to get two quilts machine quilted, and quite a few blocks pieced, but it was all in slow motion.... doing a bit everyday.

Like most quilters, I resolved to finish my UFO's & WIP's before starting anything new this year.  But like most resolutions, it didn't last long, and I've compromised....  for each quilt finished, a new one gets started.

I blame it all on quilt binding and the time one has to think while applying it.  I tend to mull over quilt ideas as I sit stitching & pinning for hours, and this naturally results in new ideas that must be worked out ASAP.  So, perhaps a better resolution would be to just not worry about it, and let the creative juices flow, and just be happy!  Life is too short.

The blocks above came about while I was playing with the hand dyed bright strips of fabric.  There is just enough left to do some type of pieced border, so it won't be a big quilt, but I'm happy with it

.  You can see my "little helper" giving me a hand with the small red quilt.  Yes, Princess Pippa Jane is growing more lovely each day, but she's also entered into the terrible two's.  Her behavior has been quite unbecoming a princess lately.  She steals pins, pickers, thread, really anything that looks as though it might be fun to bat around.  She also terrorizes the grownup cats, and they've taken to hiding from her.  But we do love her, and she is my constant shadow, so I try to enjoy her kitten ways for they won't last long.

Moochie is never far from Pippa.  He can be found close by, watching.... protecting her from any unforeseen danger.  He probably deserves a title, perhaps Sir Moochie would do.  He is certainly handsome enough to pull off the title I believe!

But seriously now,  back to quilting stuff!    As you can see, I have a big mess in the studio right now.  Some how I had this brilliant idea to rearrange furniture.  Without going into too many boring details, I have 3 rooms here full of 30 years of quilting, knitting and weaving stuff.  So.... the plan is to move the looms to the long narrow room, and put my huge cutting table in with my primary sewing station.  Also to put most sewing machines in the same room.  Then, move all the yarn in near the looms.  Sound simple.  It will probably take at least a week.  Against my better judgement I'll let you see my huge mess, or at least part of it.

Using portable table to hold quilts and fabric staying in this room
this area will stay, just get cleaned up

All I can say is what a mess, and perhaps ask "what was I thinking?" 

This 9' table is moving into the room above, and this room will hold my two weaving looms and painting supplies

The looms will go into this area, and where table is above.  Most of this stuff is going into the quilting/sewing room

I promise to post my "after" photos, hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later because I don't do chaos well.  I like neat and orderly.

So, I will leave you with "Happy February" rather than new year wishes, and perhaps someone will take pitty on me and drop by to help me organize this mess!  ttfn

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