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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quaker Haven Quilt Retreat

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If not, I'll repost soon
Hello Everyone!  I hope you're enjoying a beautiful Spring day where ever you may be.
Today has been incredibly busy, packing up for the bi-yearly four day retreat.
It is always a challenge for me to decide which quilting project to take, and what to take for "show & tell". 
I've decided on my great-grandmother's quilt I finished last year, and one of my recent "Around the World" quilt (which still isn't bound!!).  I still haven't decided which quilt project to take.  I'll probably end up taking two or three different projects with high hopes of actually finishing one or two.

While looking for photos of the campground, I came across this beautiful quilt on a wonderful needlework website.  Click HERE to check out this wonderful blog.  The quilt is from the Indiana University Library's collection.  When you check out the Needleprint website, scroll down for a look at the incredible stitching posted.  The quilt above is a friendship quilt, and has blocks with signatures, verses and dedications.
I'm seriously thinking a sample quilt like this would make a great project for my Quaker ladies group! 

I'd better get back to packing....  I'm so behind schedule!!  ttfn,  Holly

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