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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy sewing day...

Well, I've finally made it here today!  I've been busy sewing, and trying to get projects organized in some sort of "priority" order.

I know my machine quilter will be calling soon to let me know my quilt is finished any time now, and one priority I've set is to take her another to quilt when I pick one up.  This "deadline" is self imposed, but it's been working quite well to get quilts actually finished.

The quilt  here on the left is one I made about 3 years ago, and never got the border on.  I have a great stripe paisley print that I will put between two black prints or perhaps a darker aqua/turquoise print (if I can find just the right one).   I'm thinking about ordering a wide flannel print  for the backing.  This will be a birthday gift for someone special, next month.  So, I must get busy!

Cattails & Clover!!
Have you seen this line from Moda?  I think it was released in November.  I LOVE it!  The line has lights & darks in several colorways that are just wonderful.  I started purchasing these charm packs to serve as samples.  After ordering prints online, I've  found it safer to actually see the fabric in person, before ordering.  I've found several prints that will be added to my "wall of bolts".

Anyway, I've been playing with these charm squares, and found  a great way to make quick half-square triangles!

 You just take 2 contrasting squares, and arrange right side together.  Then, sew around the square 1/4" from the edges.  I back stitched in each direction in each corner.  Then, arrange the squares on your cutting mat to cut across the diagonal in each way.  My mat has lines that help me do this.  Once the square is cut, you have 4 half square triangles! And, they are perfect!!

I've almost used 2 charm packs doing this, and have spent way too much time playing with the arrangement!  I need to decide on the best one, then get some yardage ordered for the backing and borders.  I'm thinking though, these little squares would make a great small quilt for my wall of little quilts.
The strips you see to the left, started life as a charm pack of Moda's Rouenneries Deux.  I love working with every print in this line.  I made small four- patch squares with the 5" charm pack.  Then rummaged through my fabric to find the light beige and red prints.  I then made strips of the squares with triangles.  After the strips were assembled, a stripe seemed to be the next logical step.  This French General stripe seemed to fit  nicely.  I'm still playing with the arrangement.  The smaller stripe will probably be between each strip of piecework with the red/beige strips alternated.  Decisions, decisions....
I'm still sewing the scrap blocks together, then pinning more...  This seems endless, but it's getting done in small bits of time.

And, last but not least, my sewing desk, 
hidden down below in my last photo.
It is a huge, pile of bits & pieces.

Everything is there... right where I put it...somewhere.
oh... two more items to mention -- I'm reading Barbara Brackman's book "Quilts from the Civil War".   This copy is from the library, but it's on my "must buy" list. One last thing I've started, is the red & white in the photo.  Gay, over at Sentimental Stitches has a great sew-along.  The project is called "Just takes 2".  Head over to her blog and check it out.  I'm hoping to make the blocks in red & white (my absolute favorite for old quilts) and make a second set of blocks in pink & brown.

I suppose dinner should be made now... wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to eat?  Think of all the extra time we'd have to make our quilts!

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