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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work day here....a full design wall!

Well, here I am... I finally made it back!  I've had a few busy days with shipping, sewing, and listing auctions.  As you can see from my wall --  I have a lot to do.

I've also been sewing on the quilt below.  I was playing around with my rulers the other day, and doing some drawing, when I had this idea for 60 degree angles/rectangles.  I think the design possibilities are endless.  I already have my next quilt in my head.... which makes for a very cluttered headache!

I'm having trouble with blogspot!  AND, it's making me a bit crazy.  Does anyone else have issues with adding pics???  It acts like it uploads pics, but it doesn't really.  I get big empty spaces in my post.  Not good!  The pics below are out of order, and that's blogspots doing -- not mine.

Rows of triangles -- with some fancy fabric placement -- you get hexagons!
Stacks of strips - cutting up years of fabric stash into 2.5" strips 

Chain piecing triangles

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