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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moda love.....

Fabric is a lot like music for me.  I like ALL music.  I can listen to just about any type of music and usually enjoy it, and can even find something redeeming in music I don't really like.  Generally I have a few favorite songs that I go back to time and time again. 
Moda is my true favorite.  I like many different types of fabric, and use many different manufactures, but I always go back to Moda. 
This is Portobello Market by 3 Sisters, for Moda.  I've been saving it for awhile now.  The dark red piece arrived in the mail today but it is by French General..  I think it was the exact color this group needed  to set it apart..  I'm still working on the perfect pattern for these beautiful fabrics.  I also received a small cut of the cutest whimsical paper doll print by Windham.  There was only 1/2 yard available, and I'm thinking the scraps from the Portobello Market quilt will be saved to use with this print to make a Christmas table runner or tree skirt. 

I do like these cute paper doll prints, and have a hard time resisting them.  Recently I saw a listing on ebay for some vintage Daisy Kingdom paper doll fabric and it was listed for $16  for a fat quarter!  Unreal!  This seller had all the pastel colors and they were as cute as ever.  I was a bit tempted, as I had used mine years ago for little girl dresses.  I thought to myself, "just one, for memories sake" -- to put into a quilt for that now grown little girl.  I resisted, as hard as it was.  I don't need to stock up on unnecessary paper doll fabric at that price.  Besides, I think my sister still has some in her stash!                                               
I made this small 9 patch awhile back and quilted it diagonally.  But, I was never happy with it.  The white spaces looked empty.  This morning I woke up with an idea to add some fancy stitches with contrasting thread in those spaces.  So... I did. I'm still not sure about it, but it's done.  I'll get the binding on it, wash it up and see how it looks with the soft crinkles that a freshly washed quilt has.   
Abby Rose
I also woke up with this little kitty friend of mine.  I don't generally like black cats, but have made an exception for Abby.  She is the sweetest kitty I've ever had.  She is about four years old now and has been fixed a long time.  Every morning I wake up with Abby beside me, cuddling my hand, licking my hand and fingers like she would give a bath to a kitten.  I think she wants a baby.   My husband doesn't seem to share my idea to find a kitten for Abby.   Maybe she would mother a tiny puppy?  He might go for a puppy!  But would she?  



Wendy in AZ said...

Yes, I have all the colors of Daisy Kingdom paper doll fabric. Even the border ones. I bet I have close to 20 yards of that fabric.

Yes, it's a sickness!!!! Fabric is a sickness!!!

Kathie said...

I need some of that paper doll fabric way tooo cute!!!!
would be great for a backing on one of my little quilts

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