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Monday, January 27, 2014

New Quilt

Recently I visited my sister and she sent all of these beautiful fabrics home with me to make a quilt for her bed.  There must be about 40 yards of fabric here, half of it in fat quarters.  All of it beautiful, but most of it is fairly light in color.  I have been stumped as to which pattern would work.  Should I purchase a few darker colors?   I started searching for more "Mary Rose" fabrics in a darker shade, maybe a deeper rose, or deeper green?  I've made 2 test blocks, one of which I made enough for a baby quilt.  But   didn't really like either of the blocks.  The design didn't work well with the fabrics.

Then one morning, just as I was waking up, an idea just popped into my head!  I  laid the fabrics out in a circle......  Then I was certain which pattern to try, and was sure it would be perfect.

Yes, it worked!
I will still purchase a bit of medium rose for the center circle, and for the setting corner stones.  The lattice strips will be cut from the same fabrics as the Dresden wedges.  Each block will finish at 20"  so, I'm thinking 4 x 5 blocks = 20  total blocks needed.  The best part is I love making this block.  It comes together really fast and I use my machine applique stitch to anchor it to the background.
My sister will love this quilt, it's just her "girly-girl" style!

Here is another cutie from my box of old photos.  Boy or Girl?  I would guess boy as he looks solid.  I bet he grew up to be a charmer!

Hope everyone stays warm during this cold spell! 
An old postcard from Lancaster County.

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