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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hello fellow quilters and friends.... if there are any of you out there anymore!  I've been miserably MIA for so long.  Still I sew quilt tops nearly every day, the completed ones piling up on my Amish drying rack, and I have a large quilt on the frame that I work on for a bit every day.  I just couldn't blog....  bloggers block I think it's called now!  I have to admit, I've also discovered the joys of summer reading on my tablet with Kindle.  Oh my world is changed forever! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  I was a hold out, still loving my real books.  But the first time I downloaded instantly a book I was dying to read...   I was gone.  So, reading now tops my favorite things to do list.  I've also been knitting my newest girls coat pattern  multiple times, trying to refine my directions, so it may be published.  Also, I lost my camera!  Not lost like in gone forever, but lost like I put it away and can't remember where that may be....  like in I'm losing my mind!  Now you know it's quite difficult to blog without photos, so I didn't!!  But, I finally found it, tucked into it's case, and in a fabric bin, which was put back on the shelf.,  Camera found.

A few days ago the mailman brought me this:
It is Susan Branch's new book!!  I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying reading about her trip through the English countryside.  The book is all hand written, laced with original watercolors, and is simply beautiful.  You may order it from HERE.  Also check out her latest blog entry and read the comments that the "girlfriends" have written.   My words can't describe accurately how wonderful this book is, so please read the description on the link.  If you haven't discovered the joy of Susan Branch, you are in for a treat! 

Ok,  I'm off to my studio to make hugs and kisses blocks for my latest baby quilt!  I'm loving this quilt.  Will share photos soon!

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Sarah Lizzie said...

'Tis amazing what one finds in a fabric bin!! I haven't crossed to the other side....a Kindle hey....I love the smell and feel of books too much....besides they make excellent props!! Happy knitting and stitching...and of course reading!!

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